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he argued with his girlfriend, but in the process repeatedly walked out on his child. and yet they live happily ever after in a world of blissful understanding. It was an okay read, but just didn't keep my attention the way some other takes on this topic have done before. New mummy overwhelmed with child, boyfriend and life.why didn't the friend with fertility troubles think about adopting? Amy tries to adjust to the challenges of new motherhood while getting her pre-mommy body back and keeping her relationship in tact. Trying to maintain the status quo and ignoring her own fears and feelings.Big Steve · The Clones · Courtney Masterson · Darth Mall · Emma Masterson · Gwen · Hiro · Julie · Lydia · Marlowe · Serena · Stanley · Starr · Stone · Tim · Travis Gibson · Tricia Holmes · Wayne · Yummy Mummy Benj Turner · Blade and Christo · Britney and Gina · Chad · Charlie Dobbs · Charmaine · Connie · Cory Halder · Cowboy · Diego Garcia · Doppelgängers · Escalator Girls · Mr.Garcia · George and Gracie Bickerson · The Goths · Greeter Gods and Goddesses · Huni · The Hot Girls · Jason and Joanie · Kai · Kyle Donaldson · Mandy · Melinda Wilson · Mimi · Penalty Box Customer · Pokey the Panda · Pre-teen Girls · Robbie Garcia · Salon/Spa Ladies · Smithy · Stuart Goldstein · Talon · Tara Johansen · Tattoo Muscle Guy · Mr. this is one of the ugly side effects of working in a library.you scan things in and every so often you go "oh, this looks interesting." not to mention, if you check it out, it's one less thing you have to shelve.sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it becomes a horrendous mistake. i have no pity for emotional wrecks, mostso those whose major regret is not being able to fit into her "skinny" jeans.

After this, she is seen in "Bring It On," where it is revealed that Stanley's antics sometimes bring her to tears, as she drops Stanley off at Stick It in order to cry in the women's bathroom, and later attempts to use Jude as a daycare provider.However, she did appear in the farewell video for Nikki in "Bye Bye Nikki?Part 2," where she was seen with Stanley; she waved goodbye to Nikki while her son blew a raspberry at the camera.Yummy Mummy is then seen in "The Slow and the Even-Tempered," where she asks Jonesy for directions and hits on him due to Jonesy's job as a Mall Security officer, and later when Jonesy tickets her after seeing Stanley have too much fun on a coin-operated ride.After this, she is seen inside the Penalty Box with her son, where she reacts to the aggravation he causes with a badminton racquet by suggestion that he wants to learn badminton, and later arrives at Santa's village with her son, where she ends up complaining about Jonesy both being rude to her son and hitting on her.

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Yummy Mummy's final appearance in Season 3 came in "Life Slaver," where she signed on to Underground Video's mailing list and was subsequently the target of Jen forwarding a chain email.

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