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I’d realized there was no one page on the internet that listed every Wurlitzer Electronic Piano model, its years made, and its basic, differentiating features. I hope others find this helpful and can help me make the dates and data even more accurate and specific. I make house calls in greater New York City, including parts of Long Island. Hint: Select 10 entries per page in dropdown for ease in navigating.

Click: Wurlitzer Tuning, Regulation & Repair New: Testimonals from satisfied customers The list is followed by some important notes about reed styles, and other clarifications.

The serial numbers are interspersed with known 112 numbers, in both the 60 ranges.

It begs the question: Were these models being produced at the same time?

Not mentioned in most Wurlitzer literature--not even in the "reed compatibility" memos. "The 110 slides out of the case for servicing, as the top is fixed.

They matched one of the 112 reed bar variants (from early in 1956, as opposed to the mid-year version....strangely).Don't throw them out or repurpose them--that would be tragic. 112 is frequently claimed to be 1st model produced in greater quantity. The company simply wasn't yet designing these with ongoing maintenance in mind, and as a result, everything takes 4 to 6 times longer to repair.Perhaps; although several 111's have shown up, recently. As with all 1950's-era models, this should be a consideration before investing in one.you don't say what type of piano it is...grand, upright, spinet, console?? IF it will hold tune at A=440hz, standard pitch and all keys and hammers function 100% it might sell for 0 or so. If it has not been tuned to 440, it may cost you more than your can sell it for. call a piano technician or just try to sell it for a 0 with best offer. Anthony By entering this site you declare you read and agreed to its Terms, Rules & Privacy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.

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