What is the three day rule of dating

A San Francisco chapter of Three Day Rule opened three years ago, but that’s too far for suburbanites to drive for love.

Bay Area traffic and work schedules being what they are, company officials learned that clients were unwilling to spend more than 15 to 30 minutes in the car on the way to a date.

more Boorishness, political bias and even frugality, said a half-dozen people among more than 100 singles who attended the recent launch of a new Silicon Valley chapter of Three Day Rule, a dating service that allows clients to outsource their love lives, for a fee.

There wasn’t a second date.” And Peter Urso, 38, an artist in marketing at a tech company and divorced dad from San Jose, said he is looking for an affectionate woman generous with words of positive affirmation.

It was easier to specify what I didn't want: someone who was overly pessimistic or cynical, didn't have a sense of humor, took themselves too seriously, or used "bro" and "chill" often and unironically in conversation.

I also wanted someone who wasn't a total garbage human being when it came to texting, which in New York City meant that TDR had their work cut out for them.

Those paying clients might include the San Jose closet designer, whose Sunday lunch date ended with an unwelcome proposition.

“I’m open to the idea,” she said, surveying the crowd at the launch party.

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