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Instead, I make simple efforts to narrow the search scope and rely on reviews of the titles of returned hits to screen out LERs of no interest.For example, the Sequoyah Unit 2 event involved the operators manually tripped the reactor in response to indications that condenser vacuum had degraded.(The 328 for Sequoyah Unit 2 and other numbers for other reactors is the NRC’s docket number for the reactor).

Clicking on Return to Previous Search at the top recalls the LER search screen.ADAMS also has its own search engine and can be used instead of this LER search tool to fetch LERs.But I tend to prefer the LER search tool when looking for LERs.A search selecting only Sequoyah 2 (328) with “manual reactor trip” as the keywords returned 14 LERs.Their titles provided reasonably useful information to determine which might be related to the most recent incident.

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