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Right, so Kelly Mc Gillis – lesbian crush for anyone old enough to remember the 80s and/or has ever rented “Top Gun” (or, better yet, “Witness”) – came out last week saying she was “done with the man thing” and that she was looking for “definitely a woman” for her next relationship. Now this is one of those worst-kept secrets in Hollywood. And, it also gives me warm, nostalgic thoughts to one of the greatest rumored lesbian affairs of quite possibly all time. And, given how long it took for Kelly to officially declare herself one of the family, I think I deserve a grace period.If you’re a fan of Sarah Paulson (who isn’t), you’ve surely noticed her massive awards sweep that began with the Golden Globes and continued last Sunday night at the SAG Awards, where she snagged the green statue for her epic, viscerally moving role as Marcia Clark in “The People v. Sarah Paulson came out when she was 31 years old and is currently dating actress Holland Taylor., delivered one of the most poignant and resonating quotes when she discussed her sexuality openly back in 2015 during a radio interview with WNYC.After acknowledging that she was in a committed relationship with a much younger woman and that most of her prior relationships had been with women, she explained that over the years she has felt no need to make a proclamation regarding her sexuality.Lily claimed she waited to come out publicly until her mother passed away, but during an interview with NPR when asked what her reply would have been in the ’80s if she were gay she answered, “I probably would have said something like, um …‘yes, I am.’ I couldn’t have lied — it would have been too diminishing to lie.” Just Sunday Lily received the Lifetime Achievement Award from SAG, presented to her by Dolly Parton. back in 1997, altering the course of the taboo surrounding lesbians in Hollywood, paving the way for this generation of strong, proud, lesbian and bisexual women.

In this piece, Maria describes the relationship with her best friend, Clare Munn, and how her son reacted when she explained to him that this friendship had evolved into something more romantic.I'd also like to take this opportunity to mourn what might have been had both been more out at the time. To quote the 80s once more: could've been so beautiful, could've been so right...Nobody ever said coming out was easy, and if you’re a woman in Hollywood, the decision to come out as lesbian or bisexual, particularly for seasoned actresses, can run the risk of making or breaking one’s career.In 2011, Meredith published a memoir entitled “Untied: A Memoir of Family, Fame, and Floundering”.Meredith Baxter came out when she was 63 years old.rumors arose regarding her sexuality, including two feature articles published in “Out Week” and “The Village Voice”.

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In an interview with back in 2009, Kelly was asked if she was single and whether she would prefer to date a woman or a man. Kelly Mc Gillis came out at as a lesbian at 51 years old and now teaching acting in Asheville, North Carolina., but her most notable role as Jane Wagner in the show “The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe”, which earned her a tony and was written by her now wife Jane Wagner.

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