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His studies complete, Turner realized he'd be drafted if he returned to Britain, so he moved instead to Montreal.During the next five years, John Turner injected British boldness into the somewhat stagnant Northeastern American rock climbing scene.The following year he ran his personal best (9.6 seconds), and qualified for the 1948 Olympic Games – but was unable to attend the Games after injuring his knee in a car accident.Turner went on to study at the University of Paris, and at Oxford University, where he earned his law degree in 1952 as a Rhodes Scholar. Recruited by Prime Minister Lester Pearson as a Liberal candidate in Montréal, Turner was elected to the House of Commons in 1962 (and re-elected in 19).Turner is best known for his early political service as federal justice minister and finance minister, and for the 1988 free trade election battle with Prime Minister Brian Mulroney.

It was later that I developed a reputation for falling off climbs, but that was just a rumor." Partnered by Dave Craft, Dick Sykes and Dave Isles, Turner also pioneered one "big mountain" route, the Northeast Ridge of Bugaboo Spire, in 1958 in Canada's Bugaboo Range.

As Steve Arsenault declared, "I have done many of his classic climbs and they are bold, aesthetic lines.

The guy was one tough SOB, with a great eye." John Turner, from the climbers of North America, thank you so very much. Here at Alpinist, our small editorial staff works hard to create in-depth stories that are thoughtfully edited, thoroughly fact-checked and beautifully designed.

After attending Ottawa private schools, Turner moved to British Columbia with his mother and stepfather, Frank Ross, at the end of the Second World War.

(Ross would become lieutenant-governor of BC in 1955, and Phyllis would serve as chancellor of the University of British Columbia, UBC).

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He was a singular climber, of medium height, lean and agile, perhaps the epitome of the fearless leader with an innate talent for rock climbing.

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