I need help liquidating

After the estate sale takes place, Before You Move will finish their services by leaving your home broom clean, ready for the market or for you to relocate.

Our goal is to sell at least seventy five to eighty percent of the sale items.

The liquidator may also have to determine whether any payments made by the company or transactions entered into may be voidable as a transaction at an undervalue or an unfair preference.

The main purpose of a liquidation where the company is insolvent is to collect its assets, determine the outstanding claims against the company, and satisfy those claims in the manner and order prescribed by law.

Before You Moves writes and places advertisements in the Pennysaver and at least one local newspaper (usually the Pittsburgh Post Gazette). As an added service Before You Move can arrange for local charitable organizations retrieve leftover items to be used to bless others.

In addition to advertisement we use the internet and email to alert our extensive list of estate sale patrons about your sale. In exchange for your tax deductible donation, Before You Move will provide you with a receipt for these goods for your tax records.

The decision to liquidate is made by a board resolution, but instigated by the director(s).

Before You Move is knowledgeable in the sale of fine collectibles, crystal, antiques, art, and other items that require special assistance.

We will make sure that your fine items are handled and priced accordingly.

The court may appoint an official receiver, and one or more liquidators, and has general powers to enable rights and liabilities of claimants and contributories to be settled.

Separate meetings of creditors and contributories may decide to nominate a person for the appointment of liquidator and possibly of supervisory liquidation committee.

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