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designates positive psychological approach, e.g., as a manifestation of the “Big-5″ personality trait of “agreeableness”, of helpfulness or attraction.In Horney’s typology this correlates with “compliance” (which she uses in a much broader sense than most of us and specifically I do, below) and seeking “appjroval”, “affection” and a “partner”. “MOVING AGAINST” encapsulates the negative dynamics of psychological, (including emotional) resistance, antagonism, anger, imposed control of others, hostility or attack.For example, a stock broker who seems to have no appetite for either competition or cooperation with other brokers, may, on the surface, seem to be a poor organizational fit, since the common presumption is that an effective broker (or, indeed, any employee) has to thrive on and be effective with one or the other, or at least a mix of the two.But, theoretically—in terms of this motion model, that competition-cooperation averse broker may perform very successfully as a “moving away” loner, e.g., in virtue of being motivated by something other than competitiveness or cooperativeness—such as the challenges and rewards of closing a deal.

One figure is moving away from the other two, which, on one interpretation, are themselves moving toward or moving against each other (depending on whether like or unlike magnetic poles are matched up).Freud believed that sick patients could be saved by healthy doctors.Horney, however, came to believe something that was anathema to Freud and the rest of the psychological community of her time: People suffering from mental illness could take responsibility for the illness and help themselves.This suggests that instead of insisting that a job candidate be an aggressive “go-getter” competitive (“moving against”) type or a rah-rah “team player” (“moving towards”) type, in any concrete screening, the recruiter should give appropriate weight to the possible benefits of hiring a “moving away” type, or at least to allowing that, as a trait, the propensity to “move away” can be a valuable candidate asset.Careers congenial to and suitable for the “moving away” type include various jobs as analysts, theoreticians, painters, night watchmen, musical soloists, writers, designers, inventors and telecommuting workers.

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