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After that, you see all kinds of star couples nowadays, which is a good thing. I couldn’t really call her, because we can’t go five seconds without getting into a little bit of an argument. That’s one of the things I loved about her, though. was over there ready to press the button on that record, and Dogg was like, “Play another beat.” He kept going. Adidas was a reflection of who Snoop Dogg and Kurupt is. “At 16, I moved to California,” Kurupt explained from his spacious “studio house.” “I brought that skill over here, and that’s when Dr. Philly gave me my skill, and California critiqued it.” California critiqued it, embraced it and various media outlets used that diverse skill set to turn individual beefs between Suge Knight, Sean Combs, Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B. DX: How long did it take you to get rejuvenated again? That was that transition of learning who I was as a man, which I found that a lot of people live the artist. They don’t even know who they are as a man or as a woman. During those times right there, that was the transition of me learning who I was as a man, which kind of took away from the lyrics. When we got back together, it was hard to transition after so much bad blood amongst each other to get back in rhythm together. Dre and [Snoop] Dogg taught me how to make records. It took away from making records, because I was in a confused place with the transition between being a man, being the artist and being the father—the whole ball of wax. Money and power can be a poison or it can make you as a person. Nobody can touch you, and the next thing you know you feel that you’ll be able to do this forever, and you take that hiatus. You got these records where you’ll see we’re trying to get our rhythm back. I just made a different version with mine.” I dropped .

I just got with Inga [Foxy Brown], and they couldn’t tell me shit, because Inga was so hot. DX: Where were you when she told you she first started losing her hearing? Even though we weren’t together, I got a genuine love for Inga and her entire family.

DX: Was it a difficult decision going back to Death Row when you took over as VP? I was going through a change in my life, and I actually didn’t want to rap anymore.

I really wanted to work, make money, train these emcees. As you can see, Snoop is Snoop Lion, and I plan on being a part of bringing the Dogg back.

DX: It’s interesting to hear you describe how you felt after getting acknowledgement and recognition. The majority of youngsters break something, and you lose your mind with all that power and money.

Nas said something similar a couple years ago at SXSW in an interview with Steve Stoute.

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I like the new West Coast and the new music that’s coming out. DX: Kendrick’s are two of the few albums Dre put out where he didn’t produce on them.

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