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Via deadspin ( Comedian Nathan Fielder came up with a wonderful idea yesterday.He instructed his Twitter followers to text "got 2 grams for " to their parents, immediately follow up with "Sorry ignore that txt.

"Her long term live-in boyfriend secretly got married behind her back," he alleged in an interview with Mirror Online.

It assures a person more security than other dating websites.

It helps one find a partner who's priority is fidelity and may help two individuals to overcome inhibitions and help them gain trust faster than other dating sites." But can anyone measure honestly and discriminate between individuals with a genuine interest to individuals who may lie about their relationship status?

I completely agree with everyone who says this will weed out the cray cray.

Seriously considered it for a minute, but it just isn't the right do you think 1 hour wouldn't be an issue?

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Wouldn't the value be dependent on whether the substance in question were to be pot, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, or some other drug du jour that I know nothing about?

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