Dating antique beer bottles

Examples from the Midwestern states are often paneled or sided and many were molded rather than thrown on a potters wheel as were the Eastern varieties.

Embossed examples from Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin are rare.

Until the late 1800s, most beer was sold in kegs since bottled beer had to be consumed quickly or it would spoil.

In the 1700-1800s, the terms 'Ale', 'Porter', 'Beer', 'Stout', or 'Lager' meant neither more nor less than 'Beer' fermented at varying temperatures, and clarified naturally by a shorter or longer after-fermentation." Because supply did not meet the American demand, these products were widely imported into the United States from Europe in both pottery and glass bottles.To aid beginning collectors and those interested in bottles I have developed a number of bottle time lines.These diagrams should help clarify age differences based on both form and function.The following charts and pictures on the dating bottles pages listed below should help.Today we think of beer naturally being put up in bottles, but that was not always the case in this country. Beer, because of the nature of its ingredients was prone to spoil if not probably bottled and or sealed carefully and under controlled conditions.

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