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Princess Arianne Nymeros Martell, better known simply as Arianne Martell, is a member of House Martell and is the eldest daughter of Doran Martell, the ruling Prince of Dorne, and his consort, Lady Mellario of the Free City of Norvos.According to Dornish customs, she is the heiress of Sunspear, and the future ruling Princess of Dorne.Made during the height of the "interactive movie" boom in the computer game industry, Phantasmagoria is notable for being one of the first adventure games to use a live actor as an on-screen avatar.The game was released on seven CDs to accommodate the massive amount of video generated by this process, the creation of which was contracted by Sierra to Kronos Digital Entertainment (who had previously worked on Sierra's King's Quest 6).Despite having between 2 and 10 (usually 3) options to choose from, there is only one possible path.If the player is acting too shy, overdoing, guessing, acting out of the normal (i.e.

According to her own account, she cried about her discovery for many days.

is a horror-themed video game created by Sierra Online for the DOS and Windows platforms, and later for the Sega Saturn in Japan.

The game was released in 1995 and was followed by a sequel, Phantasmagoria: A Puzzle of Flesh released in 1996.

Instead, her best companions during childhood were Andrey "Drey" Dalt, Garin (whose mother had been her wet nurse Arianne and Tyene shared everything, including learning how to read, ride, and dance; they even shared a flagon of wine they had stolen at the age of ten, and an early attempted sexual experience with Drey.

At some point, Oberyn brought her, Tyene, Sarella Sand, and Garin to the abandoned holdfast of Shandystone.

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