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According to Dunning, Paramount had once upon a time purchased a script he wrote, but it was ultimately shelved in favor of Lionsgate’s remake. We had thought they were gonna make it, but to our surprise, they shelved it. And that’s because it has the spirit of the original, with the survivors from the original back in play.

Dunning explained: Some guy at Lionsgate decided the remake should be a “date movie.” Now, we didn’t even understand what a date movie is. The damn thing that bothered me about the remake is that everyone is running around being killed with an axe. In the sequel, the girl that survived (Lori Hallier) married the boy survivor (Paul Kelman) and she became the town’s Chief of Police. They would have been the two main characters that maintained the action.

" /Pickaxe murder; murder by power tool; deadly cave-ins; disembodied organs are seen; drinking games are played with knives; a shriveled and burned body tumbles out of a clothes dryer; murder by boiling water; by impalement with shower unit; hanging; mutilation, where a trapped man rips/bites/cuts off his own arm; cannibalism; more murders, all quite graphic. Some female undressing as a woman meets a man for an assignation and is killed (the mingling of sexuality and violence in the entire film is quite strong); some male bare-chested showering.

Kissing by blanked-covered persons; a condom is shown.

There's extensive nudity in a sex scene that eventually becomes a nude chase-murder scene.

Domestic Genre: ROCK/POP Three years before 1991's Loveless, My Bloody Valentine's masterwork of impossibly dense soundscapes, the Dublin quartet offered some fairly affecting dream pop on its first full-length album, Isn't Anything.

Both worthy of Creation's "shoe-gazing" heritage and skewed enough to stand up next to pre-grunge guitar bands like Sonic Youth and the Pixies, the record makes the most of a group that hadn't yet found its bearings.

Another rips off a man's jaw and throws it across the film frame. Characters make a "sex tape" together in a softcore scene that features both male (from the rear) and female (from about every angle there is) nudity.

An extended chase scene shows the same actress fully naked.

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, released two years after John Carpenter’s indie hit, took the sub-genre to a whole new level, adding extreme gore and creative kill sequences to the formula and paving the way for countless blood-soaked slashers that came in its wake.

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