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1.5.2 - 8/31/09 Changed bf2_flag_min_players to bf2_xpminplayers and made it include bomb xp Added bf2_statustext cvar to allow disabling replacement of hud name info, may also be used by other mods Changed bf2_badgepowers cvar to be off by default. -------------------------------------------------------------- Do not attempt to use the "Get Plugin" link.Changed bf2_hud_options cvar to include e by default, the comments said it was included but was not. The attached sma contains only a tiny amount of the code and is just there for reference purposes. Or that the HUD tends to disappear after a while (say /hud to make it come back if that's the case) As with the classes idea, I tend to agree with Servak.

In addition your game will be automatically updated to play Battlefield 2 as usual without interruption - RANKED WITH STATS!Battlefield 2 invades the high-tech frontlines of modern warfare.The game brings the intensity and excitement of Battlefield 1942 into the modern era with enhanced team play and the latest, most technologically advanced vehicles and weapons systems available to man.Fixed Explosives badge for csdm Heaps of new stats options saving them (server and player) Changed power for support SQL now a defined option Moved needed fakemeta_util functions into a separate file (included) New HUD system thanks to vittu (added cvar to control it) bf2_reset_days cvar - number of days without playing till xp gets reset 1.31 Lowered chance of imobilising happening. Fixed armour being lower than you had before Split file into large set of includes. Changed damage event and bomb events to the csx forward versions and created a csx forward include Capped knife badge damage to 130 Removed bf2_vaultload (pointless now.) Fixed some spelling newbie mistakes.. - or to reset after csstats reset), gives x kills to a player Reduced the amount of saving to vault - causing server lag.

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The nicknames linked to your profile have updated this month or within the past couple weeks. I will explain clearly I am playing bfbc2 in these servers [DU4] #N5 | Heavy Metal | 32 Helis [DU4] #N1 | Heavy Metal | 32 Helis #1 [5XP] Heavy Metal Only 2000 Tickets by I am sorry its not rank. I am in 36th level now, but it shows 10th level only. name=mahesh# so i want to update my stats in gametracker.

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