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I hope they catch a break cos they are not in the same Co C.. Rectitude (義): Courage (勇氣): Benevolence (仁): Respect (禮 ): Honesty (誠): Honour (名誉): Loyalty (忠義) ..veneratio est time stood still. Dang, Me to bro, but fratenization within the same Co C is contrary to good order and military descipline which underpins unit cohesion... Tenants of Bushido; We should never obsess about if we are going to die, but instead focus on how we live as those whom live an honorable life will always die a glorious death.

The JAG officer said they could get married but they cannot date lol. But if they caught dating; then they will be repercussions. (f) Soldiers and leaders share responsibility, however, for ensuring that these relationships do not interfere with good order and discipline.

Schedule a meeting with a Jag Officer and ask if (1) Can you date/marry an Officer of a Foreign Military and (2) What would be the impact.

Don't be afraid of "spilling the beans" as this is a consultation and they are required to give you advice, free of charge and better than anything you will receive on this forum.

It is not like they won't find out, and if it is not kosher, it is not like they will be easier on you if they didn't know. She is not planning on staying in the military but does not want to leave yet and I'm a lifer.

I also think you need to consider the implications of this for her. My company CO knows about the relationship but not her status as a Officer.

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